By Al Masud Nayon, CNN iReport.


Dhaka: YEZIDIS are the Victim of ISIS in these contemporary Times in Northern IRAQ at Sinjar District. Yezidis are a Community in Northern Iraq in a different religion. They are not Muslim or Christian. When ISIS had taken controlled on sinjar gave two option to Yezidis peoples, one of is convert to Islam religion or death. From then the Yezidis Crisis Had Begun- Known from a Yezidis face book Friend on Face book Conversation Named Hadil Sya, Who is living in Netherlands.

This crisis had begun since 3 august, 2014,’ she added in this face book Conversation. 

She Said, “I try introducing Netherlanders people on Yezidis culture and reaching our voice to org and Dutch Govt. what’s happened to yezidis minority in northern of Iraq on hands of terror ISIS.” 

Hadil Sya Said to me in a face book Conversation, “I stay in Netherlands for special problem I don’t like speak about it, my mother country is Iraq, in Iraq I was journalist report and present program in Iraqi TV and Mosul FM and writer in some agency Iraq and Arabic and here in Netherlands am lucky because am in free space, I can see what I want and I focus on Yezidis situation since I come to Netherlands.”